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Biogroei Soni-mite system zakjes roofmijt tegen spint

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Spider mite biological control of mite. For prevention of spider mites by treating your plants in advance. Spider mite prevention is better than cure. Now available in sachets.


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Product description

Biogroei Soni-mite system zakjes roofmijt tegen spint

Soni-mite system: sachets predatory mite against sapwood, biliary, and rust mites

Grow bags to spider mites, fruit mite, gall mites, rust mites, to combat buxustopmijt and conifers mite </. p>

  • Spider mite control with biologically predatory mite
  • For the prevention of spider mites by treating your plants in advance
  • Spider prevention is better than cure

Use 1 bag per plant, in the case of large plants. In the case of small plants are sufficient for 5 bags per m2.

are small sacs containing eggs, larvae and adult mites which, depending on the temperature is released within 1 to 2 weeks and have an operating time of no less than 6 weeks.

The Soni Mite system is thus an excellent system to apply preventively from the first weeks !! This system is also an excellent addition to the Californicus system ( preventive) and Phytoseiulus system (curative).

BIOLOGY Amblyseius andersoni:

Soni-mite Amblyseius andersoni containing culture bags with predatory mites. These mites are also known Typhlodromus (Amblyseius) potentillae. It is a native species in Southern and Western Europe and is naturally present in different habitats such as vineyards and orchards. The mites are active at 6 ° C - 8 ° C, at the same time most of the spider mites. The culture bags can be switched off on the first damage scenarios. In the absence of the pest pressure may Ambliyseius andersoni-predatory mites starve for a while and thus remain present in the crop.


Soni-mite consists of 15 (about 3750 mites), 50 (approximately 12500 mites), or 250 (approximately 62,500 mites) breeding sachets that are used both in vegetable growing, ornamental plant cultivation as fruit production. They contain predatory mites Amblyseius andersoni and are active at temperatures of between 6 ° C and 40 ° C.

The predatory mite Amblyseius andersoni feeds on different types of mites, such as sapwood, biliary, and rust mites. The main prey mites are, inter alia .: beans pint (Tetranychus urticae), fruit mite (Panonychus ulmi), apple rust mite (Aculus schlechtendali) and buxustopmijt (Eriophyes canestrinii). Spider mites are a large number of host plants where they can be damaging. In attack the leaves turn and later creates webs. Besides the aesthetic damage caused spins also growth inhibition. Gall and rust mites are tiny and barely visible under an ordinary microscope. Rust mites cause brown discoloration of leaves and gall mites create deformities. Upon detecting such damage scenarios are usually already a lot of pest mites present.

Amblyseius andersoni feeds not only with these harmful mites, but also to packages, pollen, mold spores, and honeydew, and can thus be deployed excellent preventive.

On hang each sachet contains about 250 predatory mites Amblyseius andersoni in a substrate of dietary bran and hurl. For several weeks, produces a single sachet a thousand mites that can spread easily in the crop through a pierced hole in the waterproof paper of the sachet. The bag should never be torn open, thus drying out the culture.

Operating time six weeks so excellently suited to use preventively! Hang 1 sachet per 1 plant in the case of large plants. In the case of small plants suffice 5 bags per m2. If necessary, repeat this after 6 weeks.


One pack contains 15, 50, 100 or 250 culture bags with predatory mites Amblyseius andersoni. The culture bags can be briefly stored at 15 ° C, but must be turned off may result in leakage in view of the predatory mites as quickly as possible into the packaging.

Note: This product will be sent by parcel post and must be accepted in person at the door. Raja Trading assumes no responsibility if the package is not adopted by you and therefore will return and perishes.

Soni Mite can be sent to one degree or 9. Once the freeze is in principle nothing sent.

Natural enemies for indoor and outdoor use as biological control. Exclusively available from Raja Trading. View our website for more information and prices or call 026-8200295 for inquiries.



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Soni-mite system zakjes roofmijt tegen spint

Soni-mite system zakjes roofmijt tegen spint


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