Plagron nutrients

Choose Plagron nutrients and see your plants thrive like never before! Start achieving a lush and bountiful harvest today with quality Plagron nutrients, potting soil and additives. For the experienced and the inexperienced grower.


Plagron nutrients

Plagron Plant Nutrients, Additives and Substrates

Plagron is a Dutch plant fertiliser brand that has been around for more than 30 years. Developed by a team of experienced growers, Plagron's products are specially designed for growing plants in soil, coconut and hydroponic systems.

Fertilizers, substrates and additives for growing on soil, coconut and hydro systems. Both for the experienced and the inexperienced grower.

Plagron has put together special starter boxes for beginners. Both for organic growing with Plagron Natural and for growing on earth with Plagron Terra.

In addition to the mono nutrient, the additives, the boosters and the basic growth and flowering fertilizers, Plagron also has various substrates in its range.

Plagron nutrition is available in different types

  • Plagron Basic nutrition: Essential nutrition for healthy plant growth and flowering, suitable for various substrates.
  • Plagron Substrate: Specific substrates for soil, coconut or hydroponics, optimised for optimal root development.
  • Plagron Additives: Enhance and strengthen your plants with specific additives for each phase of growth.
  • Plagron Start: Stimulate healthy and vigorous growth of young plants.
  • Plagron Universal: Universal nutrition for different growing methods and plants.
  • Plagron 100% Terra: Specially developed for growing on soil.
  • Plagron 100% Coco: Ideal for growing on coconut substrate.
  • Plagron 100% Hydro: For successful hydroponic cultivation.
  • Plagron 100% Natural: Organic plant nutrients for natural cultivation.

How to use Plagron nutrients?

Plagron plant fertiliser is easy to use and designed to meet the specific needs of your plants. The range includes different types of nutrients suitable for various growing methods, such as soil, coconut and hydroponics. Here are general instructions for using Plagron plant nutrients:

  • Prepare the nutrient solution: Follow the instructions on the packaging to mix the right amount of nutrients with water. Always use clean (pH neutral) water for best results.
  • Measure pH level: Check the pH level of the nutrient solution and, if necessary, adjust it to the optimal range for the specific growing style.
  • Fertilisation schedule: Refer to the fertilisation schedule provided or the instructions on the package for the recommended dosage and frequency of fertilisation.
  • Fertilisation: Give the nutrient solution to your plants according to the fertilisation schedule. Pay close attention to the reaction of your plants and adjust the dosage if necessary.
  • Flushing: Depending on the growing method, periodic flushing may be necessary to remove built-up salts and promote optimal nutrient uptake.

The amount of Plagron nutrition you should use depends on the type of plant you are growing, the size of the pot and the stage of growth. Always consult the product information on the packaging for the right dosage.

Which cultivation styles are there?

There are several growing styles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular growing styles are:

  • Soil growing: This is the most traditional growing style. Earth is a good source of nutrients and helps keep the plant's roots healthy.
  • Cocos growing: Coconut is a lightweight substrate that allows water to pass through well. It is a good choice for growers who want to achieve rapid growth.
  • Hydroponic growing: Hydroponic growing is a method where plants are grown in water. Hydroponic systems are very efficient and can produce high yields.

Benefits of Plagron nutrients

  • High-quality nutrition for healthy and lush plant growth.
  • Easy to use, suitable for both novice and experienced growers.
  • Specific products for different growing styles and substrates.
  • Improved crop yields and quality.
  • Fertilisation schedules and instructions for optimal use.
  • Organic options available for environmentally conscious growers.

Choose Plagron nutrients and see your plants thrive like never before! Start achieving a lush and abundant harvest today with quality Plagron plant fertiliser.

Grow schedules and frequently asked questions

Do you need extra information? Plagron wants to help you make every grow a success. Plagron Grow Schedules are available in several languages on the manufacturer's website. The website also features useful videos on growing with Plagron products.

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